Pakistan is misusing anti-terrorism act in Gilgit-Baltistan, says activist

Mar 14, 2019

Geneva (Switzerland), Mar 14 (ANI): A political activist from Gilgit -Baltistan has blamed Pakistan for misusing Schedule IV of anti-terrorism act in the region wherein political activists are being targeted. At an event organised here by Friends of Gilgit-Baltistan, Chairman of Gilgit Baltistan Thinkers Forum, Col (Retd) Wajahat Hasan Mirza said, “Most important thing, unfortunately, is to end Schedule IV which mainly targets the progressive and political cadre of the area. Its enforcement in a disputed territory like Gilgit Baltistan is totally illegal”. “The enforcement of schedule IV is the reason why the public is afraid of raising its voice which thereby, restricts them from attending any political gathering. They have to seek prior permission from the Police to even move places. The atrocity is such, that their bank accounts are seized and their property is confiscated as well,” he added. “So, one can understand how difficult it is for the people residing in the region to raise their voice for political and economic rights,” he explained. Asserting that Gilgit Baltistan is facing an issue related to its political status, Wajahat said, “Now, that it has been ruled by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Gilgit Baltistan is a disputed territory along with Pak-occupied-Kashmir, therefore people are now demanding the political status enjoyed by PoK”.