NTT Communications introduces Artificial Intelligence technology

Apr 11, 2019

Tokyo (Japan), Apr 11 (ANI): Cotoha is an Artificial Intelligence-assisted communication engine uniquely developed by NTT Communications. Recently, the company introduces its latest series, Cotoha Meeting Assist. This new service provides comprehensive business meeting tools with its finest natural language processing function. COTOHA uses its own Japanese language database with over two-million words which is collected by the company for over four decades to help achieve its precision. Behind this development, there is work-style reform, a nationwide movement to promote dynamic engagement of all citizens to solve the problem of shrinking labor force and ageing society. Given such conditions, operational reform by latest technology may be able to help the situation by boosting productivity and efficiency. This is the demonstration of Cotoha Meeting Assist. First, the voice recognition system instantly converts live speech into text data. And in no time, it translates to a targeted language with high accuracy. In this way, conversations between different languages can run quite efficiently. With use of Cotoha Meeting Assist, members can join the meeting remotely via text chat from any computer or smart phone. Further involvement of cutting-edge technology in workplace may hold an important key for the future of the society.