Islamists misusing blasphemy law to harass Christians in Pakistan

Mar 16, 2019

Geneva (Switzerland), Mar 17 (ANI): Pakistani Christians living in parts of Europe held a protest rally in Geneva to raise their voice against Islamic hardliners who are persecuting minorities in the name of blasphemy. The protesters, including women and children carried out a rally from Palais Wilson during the 40th Session of the UN Human Rights Council. They demanded the Pakistan government to abolish notorious law misused by the state and non-state actors to target the minorities. Frank John, a Pakistani Christian and Chairman of Drumchapel Asian Forum in NW Glasgow, said “We are unhappy with the functioning of government in Pakistan because the mind-set of `maulvis’ (hard line Islamists) towards Christians is immoral. Every day, atrocities are being committed against our children, especially girls, which is not acceptable. Our girls are being kidnapped by misusing PPC 295C and they are converted into Islam”. Samuel Aziz, Head of Overseas Pakistani Christian Association in Germany said, “We are protesting here as we are not getting our rights in Pakistan because of fundamentalist forces”. Dr. Mario Silva, Executive Chairman of International Forum for Rights and Security said, “Pakistan systematically discriminates against minorities. Christians are particularly targeted by the blasphemy law. Christian persecution is a real threat to democracy, it’s a real threat to human rights, it’s something the world community need to take a look at. Last, the government does something about the fundamentalism that spread into the system both in education system, political system and social system in the country. It will never be able to fully functional democracy”.