Committed Nepal Army continues rescue work after severe thunderstorm

Apr 09, 2019

Bara (Nepal), April 09 (ANI): Over two dozen people were killed in a severe thunderstorm that swept through parts of southern Nepal. The survivors of a severe thunderstorm over the weekend in southern Nepal have been struggling to get back on their feet without sufficient food or a roof over their heads this week. The severe thunderstorm injured hundreds of people and destroyed nearly 400 houses. The storm accompanied by heavy rainfall, destroyed buildings, uprooted trees, electric, and telephone poles. With no roof on their heads and their food stock destroyed the people living in the impoverished settlements were the worst-affected.According to official reports, around 400 people were injured in rain-related incidents. Looking at the severity of the incident, rescue personnel from the Nepali army, the police and representatives from the local government are continuing the recovery efforts. The Nepal Army has been assigned by government to make structures for thunderstorm victims of Bara. The Army has expressed commitment to complete the assigned tasks as soon as possible. Relatives were grieving the dead victims amid the rubble of destroyed buildings. Food packets were provided to survivors while temporary shelters have been erected and medical teams were flown to affected areas to provide immediate relief to the victims. Pre-monsoon thunderstorms are common in Nepal during the spring season, but are rarely of an intensity that causes high casualties.