Ajinomoto focusing on food business in Cambodia

Mar 14, 2019

Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Mar 14 (ANI): Cambodia is one of the fast-growing countries. The varieties of foods in this country enrich many restaurants and family scene. However, in recent years, dealing with unsafe food is becoming one of the real challenges for Cambodia. Ajinomoto Cambodia is company which has been contributing to making more various cuisines and safe food through “umami” seasonings in Cambodia. Ajinomoto owns a factory in Phnom Penh where it produces pure quality umami seasonings. The factory is not only focusing on producing quality products, but also creating an environment which takes special care of its products such as protecting them from contamination and ensuring high inspection by both employees and machines in order to deliver safe and trusted products to customers. All of their products are produced and organized in quality by Cambodians to deliver safe everyday meals. Ajinomoto Group established “Ajinomoto Cambodia” in 2009. It is supporting various aspects of daily life of Cambodian people especially in terms of food industry and home cooking. The company continues to research and develop products in order to deliver better products for more people in Cambodia. Food safety is regarded as common theme in the world, and this fact shows that producing 100% safe food for health is one of the most important and responsible tasks for food industry. The activity of Ajinomoto Cambodia is contributing to improvement of food industry in Cambodia as leading Food Company. Reliable food seasoning “Ajinomoto” is assisting cooking scene in kitchen for families in Cambodia. Using Ajinomoto for daily meal is now becoming general practice, and used in many dishes. Daily meal constitutes our daily life. Japanese food producing company contributes to Cambodian social life by producing safe and trustworthy products.