2020 Olympic: Robots to greet, guide visitors at Haneda Airport

Dec 12, 2019

Tokyo (Japan), Dec 12 (ANI): Haneda Airport is main gateway of Japan, connecting Tokyo with many cities around the world. It is the closest airport to the capital; many local and foreign travellers choose this convenient airport. The number of visitors to Japan is increasing year by year and it is expected to hit record levels when Tokyo hosts the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games. Airport operators are making efforts to handle the situation with the help of unexpected workers! They are the robots which will be greeting, guiding and helping travellers. Autonomous security and guide robot can be seen in the Airport lobby, this robot is able to stop automatically, to prevent collision and accident when it encounters people or object. During the day, it guides visitors through the airport using a touch panel located at the front. In the evening, it takes on the duties of a security guard. It has also observation skills and intruder-detection technology. When it detects suspicious objects or left behind bags even under seats it automatically notifies guards. Another robot in the same autonomous security group can search trash can for suspicious object and has a robotic arm equipped with camera to examine object. The other digital signage group includes two robots equipped with touch screen and large display reflecting human character. The final goal is to improve the overall quality of service by finding task that robots can do to make humans more efficient and customers more satisfied. And with the presence of Robots world travelers will see that Haneda Airport is transferred into an airport of the future.