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'Wonder Woman' Gal Gadot thrilled with Brie Larson's Captain Marvel's success

Mar 14, 2019

New York (US) March 14: Fans of Gal Gadot have described her shout-out to Brie Larson as a wonderful gesture.
Gadot, happy over another actress scoring a box-office smash with a superhero role, lauded Larson's outing as Captain Marvel in an online post, writing: "I'm so happy for you sister! congrats."
Gadot herself had done well with Wonder Woman back in 2017.
Her Instagram post was accompanied by an artwork that showed the two superheroes - Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel - with arms linked.
Captain Marvel earned US$500 million (S$680 million) worldwide in less than a week while Wonder Woman raked in more than US$800 million.
Larson herself has been happy to do her part to promote her film.
According to various media sources, she turned up on Saturday (March 9) at a New Jersey theatre where she helped to sell snacks and posed for wefies.
"Thank you so much for coming. You guys are so awesome to come on opening weekend," Brie saluted the fans.
Source: The Strait Times