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S14 Chinese power-sets for hill country arrived

Aug 14, 2019

Colombo (Sri Lanka) August 14: A state-of-the-art S-14 power locomotive, imported from China, was unloaded at the Port of Colombo today (13).
The power-set is one of the of nine S14 power-sets imported from China, specially designed to operate in the hill country, the Transport Ministry said. Each power set costs US$ 10.3 million (Rs.1839.5 million).
The state-of-the-art S-14 power set has two engines. It consists of two air conditioned compartments, two second-class compartments and three third-class compartments. There's also a dining compartment.
Eight more similar trains are now being manufactured for Sri Lanka.
General Manager of Railways, Dilantha Fernando said the power set will be deployed on the upcountry railway line after a test run within the next few days.
"It is not easy to run long-haul trains or power sets on the Upcountry Railway, as the route is steep and winding. Due to this, the Railway Department is faced with a shortage of trains for the upcountry services. As a result, the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation has taken steps to import nine power sets from China. One set of them unloaded today. The remaining eight are due to be brought to Sri Lanka within the next few days," the official said.
The Railway Department is also planning to launch an intercity train service using these power sets.
Source: Colombo Page