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Proud Boys Leader Pleads Guilty to Burning Black Lives Matter Flag, Justice Dept. Says

Jul 20, 2021

Washington (US), July 20: The leader of the right-wing Proud Boys group pleaded guilty to burning a Black Lives Matter flag stolen from a church in the US capital and for being in possession of a large-capacity ammunition magazine, the Justice Department said in a press release.
"Henry 'Enrique' Tarrio, 37, of Miami, Fla., pleaded guilty today to charges in two cases, including one involving the burning of a Black Lives Matter banner stolen from a downtown Washington church," the release said on Monday.
Tarrio pleaded guilty to one count of destruction of property and one count of attempted possession of a large-capacity ammunition magazine, the release said.
Tarrio's sentencing date is scheduled for August 23 and he faces up to 360 days in prison and a $2,000 fine, the release said.
Tarrio burned the flag on December 12, 2020 and was arrested when he returned to Washington on January 4, days before a Trump rally and the riot at the US Capitol building.
Source: Sputnik