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Online gambling syndicate in Malaysia busted

Mar 15, 2019

Jakarta (Indonesia) March 15: An online gambling syndicate allegedly led by a Chinese man along with eight compatriot accomplices and three employees was busted at a luxury home in Selangor, Malaysia, on Monday.
Following two weeks of surveillance, on March 11, officers from the Bukit Aman Anti-Vice, Gambling and Secret Societies Division (D7) stormed the rented unit in Bandar Parklands in Klang, where nine Chinese nationals aged between 20 and 40 were arrested, the China Press reported.
A Malaysian man in his 30s, who was seen nearby observing the raided unit, was also arrested for allegedly being affiliated to the syndicate as a middleman. It was learned that the man assisted the syndicate by paying the monthly rent of 3,600 ringgit, and took care of syndicate members' daily lives and meals.
Preliminary investigations found that the syndicate would manipulate customers to increase profits by planting syndicate members in games to dominate online gambling and to attract other players.
One day after the raid, the police made further related arrests of a 24-year-old Indonesian man and two Chinese women, 17 and 19, who were believed to be working for the syndicate.
Computers and 10 mobile phones were seized at the scene as evidence.
All arrestees were taken to South Klang District Police Headquarters, where investigations are ongoing.
Source: Asia Times