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New York Weather: N.Y.C. School Closings as Up to 10 Inches of Snow in Forecast

Mar 04, 2019

New York (USA) March 4: We're bringing you a special early edition of Monday's New York Today to help you prepare for the storm.
Weather: Your day is all about the snow.
Up to 10 inches are expected to accumulate between Sunday night and 7 a.m. Monday in the New York City area, according to city officials.
All New York City public schools will be closed on Monday. The City University of New York also announced it will be closed.
"This is going to be a serious storm. People should be ready for really tough conditions in the morning," Mayor Bill de Blasio said, urging New Yorkers to stay off the road in the morning and noting that officials expect the most intense snowfall just before the morning commute.
"Snowfall predicted right now - we see six to 10 inches. But it could easily get up to 10 inches or more," the mayor said.
Watch out for ice, especially slippery roads and walkways. A wintry mix of rain and snow continued to fall in the city on Sunday night.
"It is going to be treacherous out there," Steven Costas, first deputy commissioner of New York City's Sanitation Department, said earlier on Sunday.
New Jersey's governor declared a state of emergency, at 3 p.m. Sunday.
"Travel could be very difficult," the National Weather Service said. "The hazardous conditions could impact those traveling Sunday night, and the Monday morning commute."
And bundle up. Temperatures started dropping into the low 30s on Sunday evening, but the windchill may make it feel like the 20s.
More than 2,000 plows and salt spreaders were out on Saturday to clear away the earlier snowfall in New York City, officials said. They will be back on the streets on Sunday night.
"We have 695 salt spreaders and 1,500 plows ready to go," the Sanitation Department said.
If you're feeling cranky about your Monday morning, it could be worse.
There's a major cold snap across much of the central and eastern regions of the country. Temperatures in the Midwest could be 20 to 30 degrees below normal. Wind chills may reach minus 55 in the Northern Plains.
Alternate-side parking: Suspended on Monday and Tuesday for snow removal.
The bottom line: Wear your boots, and layer up. And expect longer commutes in the morning.
Source: New York Times