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'Black people don't need reparations, they need liberation': Diamond & Silk echo Charles Barkley's criticism of Dems

Sep 21, 2019

Washington (USA) Sept 21: Fox Nation's Diamond & Silk weighed in on former NBA player Charles Barkley slamming Democrats' for their lack of action in the black community and accusing them of taking the black vote for granted.
"Let me just tell you this here, when it comes to Democrats listening, they promise on everything and they deliver on nothing," said Diamond on "Fox & Friends."
Diamond also blasted some Democrats for pushing for reparations for African-Americans, which has recently become a talking point amongst 2020 Democrats.
"Look at how they're promising reparations, black people don't need reparations, they need liberation from the Democrat party," Diamond said.
The duo agreed largely with Barkley, who went after Democrats for allegedly only paying attention to black voters around election time.
"They've been taking black people's votes - and they only talk to black people every four years. All of these politicians only talk to black people every four years because they want their vote," Barkley said in an interview aired Wednesday.
He added that he thought Republicans didn't talk to black voters and that Democrats did "nothing in the four years in between."
"Fox & Friends" host Brian Kilmeade agreed with Barkley, and called on Republicans to further their efforts in the black community, but Diamond and Silk pointed to President Trump's actions in response.
"When it comes to the Republican party, we have a Republican president. He's not all talk, he takes action," Diamond said, referencing the historically low black unemployment rate and Trump's commitment to the First Step Act.
"So...Republicans don't have to pander, because they deliver...our Republican delivering," she continued.
Silk said she hoped black people would have a "come to Jesus moment" and that they would "realize that the Democrat party mean black people no good."
Reiterating Diamond's support for Trump, Silk said the president is helping the black community by "leading by example."
"The president is doing what he needs to do when it comes down to black people by showing people this is what you need for the black community."
"You need jobs so you can take care of your family," Silk continued, "instead of talking about it, he's 'being about it,' and that's why black people are waking up to it."
When co-host Steve Doocy observed that Barkley offered support for Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg as a 2020 candidate, Silk said she preferred to support the candidate that works towards the "betterment of all Americans."
"Anybody can support whoever they want to," she concluded, "but I want to support someone that is doing something for all Americans, including black Americans."
Source: Fox News